A woman’s flat is her castle.

We’ve been in our little flat for 2 months now and it’s finally just how we want it……. nearly (i’ve still got some upcycling of old furniture to do). I thought i’d share with you some of my favourite parts of our little home :) Please note: all the photos are unedited and taken with a 50mm lens at F1.8.

New Shoes.

© Gerald Waller, 1946, New Shoes, Austria

The above photo is of a six-year-old Austrian boy who was given a new pair of shoes by the American Red Cross, like lots of children in orphanages at the time they had only their old clothes and shoes to wear until this generous donation.

I love this photo purely because of the raw emotion in the boy’s body language and facial expression, he is feeling only pure joy about something most of us take for granted now-a-days. The low angle makes me feel as though the viewer of the image is looking up to the sky with the boy with feelings of gratitude and euphoria. This photo never fails to make me smile and reminds me that we should all appreciate all the little things we have.

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